Yoga Therapy and Yoga Instruction Clinic

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

​​Yoga Practice

  • Yoga sessions are run in a small group setting with a therapeutic approach, in non-judgemental and non-competitive environment.
  • A 90 minute session consists of centering, meditation, warm-ups, poses, stretching, different breathing techniques and relaxation.
  • Intention is to release chronic muscle tension, restoring natural diaphragmatic breathing, and improving oxygen absorption to bring body and mind in a state of balance. 

​Yoga Therapy

  • ​​Yoga Therapy involves a personalized combination of yoga tools, sequenced together to maximize benefit in addressing particular health conditions and wellness goal of the client. The therapist seeks to understand each situation by actively listening, questioning, observing the client and evaluate to evolve yoga practice.
  • Works in conjunction with the modern medical system, however treats the root cause of the disease rather than symptoms.
  • Intention is to empower and educates the client to overcome their challenges and fears; and gain independence.
  • ​An initial assessment is 75 minutes, with subsequent 60 minute sessions (typically 4 to 6 sessions) before joining the regular Yoga Practice.