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Just a Thought:

The only prescription drugs that "cure" are antibiotics, if there are any infections.  All other prescription drugs "manage" illness.  Taking drugs for high cholesterol and high blood pressure do not get rid of the ailment, they only manage the condition. The solution is not to take more pills; the solution is a lifestyle change.  Unfortunately, our society has taught us that it's okay to continue on with the same lifestyle habits and just go to the doctor for a pill to fix the problem. 

In order to fix or manage the condition, we need to look at our lifestyle.  Flexibility, strength and nutrition which has major contribution to maintain health and wellness.  In my opinion, most chronic conditions can be managed or reversed given the right lifestyle choices. It's never too late to start or giving our self the gift of health.  

I have always head from my grand parents, parents and many others who cared about me saying that  “Health is Wealth”, however, never really understood until I started experiencing.

- Sharmila